Njetwork Inn
A home for your company
Njetwork Inn is an all inclusive co-working space and shared office, where you can focus solely on your business and we take care of the rest. We make sure that you have everything you need to succeed in your business.
Make the space your own.
Jump on the stage or occupy the corner office.
We have many types of spaces and rooms for various needs. You can rent your own office or just catch a flying desk and use our shared spaces. We have a suitable membership plan for every need and budget from day passes to private offices.

New beat to your venture

Njetworking. You can now enjoy the benefits of a big company while staying small and flexible. Co-working space offers you all the services you need plus a bunch of nice people you can call your colleagues. We are a community that supports one another. You can also enjoy new kind of work-life balance by leaving your daily toil to the office and come back the next day relaxed and well rested.
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2 days ago


Music therapy has been practiced for several years to improve the physical and emotional health of the human being.

You can listen to music that you like, but if you choose classical music, jazz or blues, you will not regret it.

Music will help you see things differently and find the solution to the problems you have more clearly.

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3 days ago


Entrepreneurs may have different motivations. Many times they can be related to money, and others with the mentality set in turning a dream into reality.

Motivation is the fuel that moves every entrepreneur. Knowing how to identify the sources to achieve that motivation is vital for business success.

#Coworking #Njetworking #Networking #network #Finland #Startup #Entrepreneur #Yrittäjät #Motivation #startup #Oulu #Yhteistyö #Suomea #EntrepreneurinFinland #motivation
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